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Redconic Technologies is a leading software company providing software development and system integration services across various domains, based at Qatar.

We are determined on developing and delivering innovative and quality software products matching the global standards.

Why Redconic?

  • Team of Experienced People
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Approach to build long term relationship
  • Global exposure and diverse expertise
  • Onshore-offshore model
  • Proper Hierarchy & Escalation path
  • Expertise on diverse technologies & domains

Services Offered

  • Customer Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • E commerce Solution
  • Software Development
  • E marketing
  • SEO


Redconic Technologies is a leading Information Technology (IT) service company based in Doha-Qatar. We have demonstrated experience in providing IT services to our customers in various domains. As a Software Development company Redconic specializes in the areas of Website Design, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Design and Development, E-commerce Solutions, Custom Software Development, Software re-engineering, SEO services, and IT consulting service. We are currently the employer’s choice for IT solutions in various geographies that we operate.

We have the right mix of talented young and experienced employees who are always focused in helping our client’s achieve their requirements and goals. Our staff consists of computer engineers, designers, software developers, tester, technical documenter etc. Redconic provides industry-leading technical solutions and has the expertise to provide customers with turnkey solutions at an affordable price to our clients. Our custom designed and developed solutions are highly cost effective and are capable of promoting awareness and online business of our customers. Redconic works with its customers to provide solutions that endow practical value in a comportment that is efficient as well as effective. Redconic’s objective is always to maximize profits of our customers and bring more returns on their investments.

Industries We Serve

At Redconic Technologies we offer software solutions to a wide range of industries. Our team boasts of passionate, experienced and dedicated professional experts who are keen in understanding the business requirements of the specific industrial sectors to create stunning solutions catering to their specific expectations to the best of their satisfaction. Our technical expertise lies in the delivery of unique solutions that leads to the rational growth of our clients.

Oil and Gas

Redconic possesses extensive global experience and commitment over Oil & Gas companies. Now all the Oil and Gas companies are moving to “Intelligent Operations” like smart cards, smart wells and other applications improve the performance across the oil and gas industry market. We understand their needs and automated their different stages of their production cycle.

Human resources

For many of the companies it is a difficult and time driven task to manage the records of their payrolls. We build HCM solutions to help companies of any industry to save their valuable time in managing the difficult task of HR record-keeping and government reporting. Our software for human resources (HR) makes it easier for you to simplify processes of HR management, maximize the diversity of your workforce, address skills shortages and engage your people like never before.

Construction and Real estate

We empower organizations in the construction and Real Estate industry to gain quantum leaps in productivity and control – through the implementation of practical software solutions. We work closely with our clients to deliver products that create value. Our ERP software actively supports all pre and post contract activities from estimating to financial accounts.


Redconic Technologies offers innovative ERP software solution for the manufacturing industry that helps them to stay lean, agile and competitive. We are specialists in offering both manufacturing software as well as ERP software that resolves your business challenges and meets your industrial specific requirements as well.

Service sector

We offer flexible and scalable ERP system from Open Systems as your services software solution, with the help of which you can penetrate in to new markets, gain and maintain customer loyalty apart from improving your ability to serve your existing customers. The applications designed specifically for the services industry, enables you to be more efficient and more productive, regardless of the size and scope of your channel.


Our domain landscape of hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants, event management companies, clubs and recreational facilities, holiday planning portals and a lot more. We have developed and delivered cost-effective hospitality software to many hospitality service providers that ensured a competitive advantage in meeting out their business objectives more effectively. We effectively integrate your front-office with back-office and the line of business systems to make the optimum use of the distinctive power of technology in favour of your business and your customers as well.

Travel and Tourism

We have been offering software solutions for the tourism industry over a considerable number of years and have an active partnership some of the key players in the industry. Hence we tend to have a profound knowledge and technical skills to design, develop and deploy IT solutions in favour of multiple tourism companies regardless of their sizes both locally as well as globally. With our extensive experience we make a wide analysis of your business expectations to provide compelling solutions of global standards.

Government sector

Redconic Technologies is a leading software development company providing perfect IT solutions in favour of the Government agencies. We have been a successful partner of Government sectors in delivering quality output that has fulfilled their various business requirements with a focus to improve their operational efficiency, work quality and ensure transparency and accountability. We are associated to different Government sectors and have delivered acute solutions suitable to the needs of the specific areas.

Outsourcing benefits

Allocation of specific aspects of the business processes to an external expertise, service provider is said to be outsourcing of services. The immense difficulty in carrying out the multiple aspects of the business processes internally with the help of the limited internal resources, initiates the business concerns to hire the services of an outsource. Moreover, certain business aspects are quite temporary in nature and hence outsourcing tasks of such kind tends to save the time, money and valuable resources of the company which could be else effectively utilized for concentrating on the core business activities.

Choosing an effective outsourcing partner is one of the critical decisions of any business entity as it is the responsibility of the outsourcing vendor to carry out the tasks to the best of his ability and in the maintenance of the organization’s assets. Redconic Technologies is one such ideal outsourcing vendor offering the following advantages to its renowned customers.

Our Services

Custom App Devel..

Redconic Technologies excels in offering custom software application development services for years, to develop and deliver custom-made software applications to bridge the gap of business requirements that were not adequately met by the packaged solutions previously.


Internet marketing refers to the marketing efforts that make effective use of the tools and methodologies over the internet to drive-in increased sales. It plays an active role in connecting the business organisations with their qualified potentials and promotes the business to a greater extent than that of the traditional advertising.

Mobile App Devel..

Redconic Technologies is one of the earliest mobile application development companies offering customized mobile application development services for a wide range of mobile platforms and devices to meet the upcoming challenges.

Web Development

Redconic Technologies is a leading web development company offering the services of developing and deploying customized web development services as per the business requirements of our clients at cost effective rates without compromising to its quality.

Ecommerce Solution

Our versatile team of ecommerce experts with their expertise in multiple ecommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart and Virtue mart could offer their excellent assistance in planning, designing and building ecommerce websites.

Software Development

Redconic technologies is a premier in developing software development services, an effective partner in building affordable customized software products and applications across the globe using the latest emerging web technologies.

About Us

RedConic is an Qatar based software development and system integrators company that focuses on extremely qualitative, timely delivered and cost-efficient custom software development.


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